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Brand new local brewery wins ‘Best Beer’ at Ohio Craft Beer competition

Brand new local brewery wins ‘Best Beer’ at Ohio Craft Beer competition

Sav McKee

The Ohio Craft Beer nonprofit organization held a “Mystery Beer Date” competition last week, where locals and beer experts tried 15 mystery beers from 15 breweries around Ohio, and a brand new brewery completely stole the show.

Dafuque Beer debuted their beer in Columbus this year, and the local brewery is already getting accolades. At the Mystery Beer Date, the Dafuque Beer team won the overall Best Beer with their Tripel Belgian.

“Winning the Mystery Beer Date event really came as a surprise to us. I think the entire Dafuque team can say that we’re incredibly proud of our brews and the direction our brewer is heading in,” said the Dafuque Beer team. 

Photo via Ohio Craft Beer’s Instagram


They currently don’t have a taproom of their own, but that’s definitely one of their next steps. Right now, you can find their beer online, or in local bars like Standard Hall, Hey Hey Bar & Grill, The Pint Room, Fat Baxter’s, and Leven One Bar + Arcade.

This is a new brand that absolutely shouldn’t be slept on. Columbus is loving their Tripel Belgian, but their juicy Passion Tango Male Ale and Royal Pilsner are already leaving their mark throughout the city.

If you want to learn more about Dafuque, check out this feature from when they first opened.

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