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Person stuck under field tarp during Ohio pro baseball game

Person stuck under field tarp during Ohio pro baseball game

Jack McLaughlin

Over the weekend, the highlight of an MLB contest in Ohio occurred not during the game itself, but during a weather delay.

In the top of the sixth inning of a game between the Cincinnati Reds and Los Angeles Dodgers that was played in Cinncinati’s Great American Ballpark on May 26, a rain delay went into effect, resulting in the Reds’ ground crew bringing a tarp onto the field to protect it from the rain.

The tarp deployment did not go according to plan, however.


According to multiple outlets, including an video, a member of the Reds ground crew accidentally ended up underneath the tarp.

“Good news, bad news,” said Reds announcer John Sedak, according to Yahoo Sports. “Good news, the Reds are up four. Bad news, Tarp Monster did get one member of the grounds crew.”

The crew member apparently then was forced to “army crawl” their way out, although thankfully no injuries occurred.

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