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Restaurant proposed to be demolished, then rebuilt again in exact same location

Restaurant proposed to be demolished, then rebuilt again in exact same location

Sav McKee

Usually in Columbus, when a restaurant faces demolition, it’s either for a new Sheetz, a Chick-fil-A, or a mixed use development.

This time though, it’s for the exact same restaurant that’s proposed to be bulldozed.

The campus McDonalds, located at 1972 N. High St., has been a go-to spot for study breaks and late-night eats since 1965, but a proposal is suggesting that it be razed, then rebuilt, just closer to High Street.

If you’re a Buckeye graduate, you or one of your friends visiting from town have probably been towed from the McDonald’s parking lot (no shame – it’s a rite of passage, really). McDonald’s actually leases that parking space, according to the records submitted to the Franklin County auditor, and the new proposal would have less parking spots (10 compared to the now 31 spots), plus they would all belong to the McDonald’s.


In the presentation to the University Impact District Review Board, project architect for BBCO Christina Sabula explained the proposed new build of McDonald’s would prioritize pedestrians and third-party delivery drivers. The board suggested outdoor seating, landscaping, and a bike parking area be added to the plan before it’s brought back for final approval.

It might come as a surprise that the McDonald’s isn’t turning into the first floor of a mixed use development building, especially since two campus Wendy’s locations and a Taco Bell are now luxury apartment buildings. Sabula stated in the meeting that her client isn’t interested pursuing a 12-16 story building, even though the new proposed zoning district allows for that. “They’re interested in pursuing just a straight McDonald’s, which has been successful since the 1960s, and they want to continue with that,” she emphasized.

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