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To-go drinks & designated outdoor drinking space approved by Columbus City Council

To-go drinks & designated outdoor drinking space approved by Columbus City Council

Sav McKee

Columbus is one step closer to enjoying beer and cocktails outdoors, outside the boundaries of a restaurant or bar.

On Monday evening, Columbus City Council approved plans for a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area, otherwise known as a DORA, which basically means a specified area of land has exemptions to open container provisions. 

Pending state approval of course, patrons could purchase an alcoholic beverage in a labeled cup, and enjoy it outside in the designated area!


If approved by the state, the first active day of the Center City DORA would be Friday, May 24, and it would operate seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Here are the proposed boundaries/locations of the designated drinking area:

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Photo courtesy of Irvin Public Relations

We’re sure you’re wondering exactly how this would work. Participating DORA locations will allow patrons to purchase a drink there, in a certain marked, to-go cup, signifying it’s a DORA cup. This beverage can follow you on the public right-of-way and into the parks! 

Photo courtesy of Andy Spessard

Patrons are not permitted to carry their beverage from one permitted establishment (like another restaurant, bar, or alcohol-serving event) into another, or from one DORA to another DORA. Also, consuming alcohol that wasn’t provided form an establishment in a labeled DORA cup is prohibited.

Currently, another DORA is located nearby in the Arena District.

The list of participating DORA locations hasn’t been released yet, but stay tuned! For answers to frequently asked questions, check out Downtown Columbus’ website.

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