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Where the heart is: Our list of Columbus eateries serving heart-shaped pizza

Where the heart is: Our list of Columbus eateries serving heart-shaped pizza

Jack McLaughlin

You could opt for flowers, or chocolates or even an expensive diamond ring. If you want our opinion, though, the key to winning your partner’s heart on Valentine’s day will always be through their stomach, and there are few things that say “I love you” while being exceptionally delicious quite like heart-shaped pizza.

Because of this, we’ve put together a handful of popular local pizzerias offering heart-shaped pies this week, so get ready to dig in.

Borgata Pizza Cafe
Both 16 or 20-inch pies can be made heart-shaped on Valentine’s Day only

Donatos Pizza
Heart-shaped pizzas are available from Feb. 10-18 for the price of a medium pizza

Flyers Pizza & Subs
As part of Flyers’ Give a Pizz-a Your Heart campaign, all heart-shaped pizzas (which are currently on sale) sold until Feb. 14 will see the eatery donate $2.50 to Autism Speaks Columbus. One topping heart-shaped pizzas can be purchased for $10.99.


Joseppi’s Pizza
Joeseppi’s locations will be offering heart-shaped pizzas until Valentine’s Day. They’re currently on sale.

Keystone Pub & Patio
Heart-shaped pizzas offered on Valentine’s day only

Luna Pizza Kitchen
Fresh off opening a brand-new Easton location, Luna Pizza Kitchen will be offering 12-inch heart-shaped pizzas until Feb. 14. They are currently on sale.

Massey’s Pizza
This long-standing Columbus Pizza chain is selling heart-shaped pizza until Feb. 18, which means four days after Valentine’s Day to dig in, if you want. Massey’s large (14-inch) pizzas are the only ones offered in the special.

Mikey’s Late Night Slice
This local pizza favorite offers heart-shaped pies every Feb. 14

Vick’s Gourmet Pizzeria 
This Reynoldsburg pizza spot offered a unique heart-shaped pizza carryout package that stopped selling on Feb. 10, but the eatery will still be selling heart-shaped pies by themselves on Feb. 14, available for in-store customers only

Hungry for more? 
We’ve decided to keep our list to local or regionally-owned eateries, but you can still grab heart-shaped pizza at spots like Domino’s, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut and even Aldi, which is offering heart-shaped pizza and other items this week.

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