According to ‘alot’ list, this Ohio city is the ugliest in the state

Jack McLaughlin

While we love all of our fellow Ohio cities–Youngstown included–a list from alot had some shade to throw at the northeastern Ohio city.

According to the list, which you can read here, Youngstown is the ugliest city in the Buckeye State.

“There are lots of cities in the Rust Belt that have started to decline over the years. As businesses and people move away, a city slowly dies a becomes a shell of its former self. Unfortunately, that’s what happened to Youngstown, Ohio, and some people have started to notice just how far it’s fallen,” alot wrote about the city.


The list doesn’t offer specific details about its metrics, but notes that it relied on “reviews by local residents on sites like Niche and Reddit” to determine each city.

We’re sorry, Youngstown. We still like you here in Columbus.

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