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Columbus-area studio shuts down amid ‘rising costs, lower sales’

Columbus-area studio shuts down amid ‘rising costs, lower sales’

Jack McLaughlin

As of now, at least, Lovely Grain Studio has closed.

In a social media statement and an extended blog post, the Worthington-based arts studio known for its creative custom signs, noted that it will close its doors on Feb. 3.

According to owner Brooke Dusenberry, Lovely Grain will close as she plans to re-enter the corporate workforce. 


The studio, which was known primarily for Dusenberry‘s production of unique signs, did operate a physical storefront–located at 651 Lakeview Plaza Blvd., Unit A–but most of its sales came from e-commerce. Dusenbury said would like to eventually “reopen from home as a small hobby.”

Dusenberry went into the specifics of the concept’s closing in a detailed post on Lovey Grain Studio’s blog. 

“I can’t find the way to articulate how emotional it is to dismantle something you worked so hard to build. The reasoning for closing LGS is messy and multifaceted,” the post reads, adding later that “In truth, over the last 18 months or so we’ve been fighting rising costs and lower sales. I’ve had to constantly reinvent and pivot to adapt to the ever changing landscape of our small business. Every new venture, twist and turn demands SO much from me to make it succeed. I just don’t have the same energy or bandwidth I had 9 years ago to devote to new growth or ideas.”

Dusenberry ended the post by doubling down on the importance of shopping small as well.

“I am humbled to know my art has found its way into all of your homes. I have crossed paths with so many  wonderful people because of LGS. I found community here and will always cherish those connections. I get teary eyed thinking about saying goodbye to all of you. So, I won’t. I’ll just say, I love you. Shop small. Support local. It matters so much,” the post reads.

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