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Contractor ‘inadvertently’ demolishes wrong Columbus playground

Contractor ‘inadvertently’ demolishes wrong Columbus playground

Jack McLaughlin

In an usual turn of events, a contractor mistakenly has tore down the wrong Weinland Park playground.

According to Tanya Long, President of the Weinland Park Civic Association, the playground was torn down by a Columbus City Schools contractor contractor on June 3.

“[A Weinland Park resident] visited the park on Sunday and the playground was there, and her dad stopped by the next day and it was gone. He sent everyone a picture and just said, ‘What happened,’” Long said. “We were so befuddled, let me tell you what.”


According to Long, the playground that was supposed to be demolished was located at Weinland Park Elementary School property, but the nearby city playground in Weinland Park was torn down instead.

A Columbus Recreation & Parks spokesperson said that the contractor has “taken full responsibility and is replacing it with a brand-new playground at their cost.”

While Long said she and other Weinland Park residents are glad to see the contractor taking ownership of their error, Columbus Recreation & Parks said the replacement playground will likely take several months to be built.

“This is the beginning of summer, this is the time the kids are in the park,” Long said. “It’s also a safety hazard now for the kids who are just walking through.”

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