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Find out where Arnold Schwarzenegger eats every year after The Arnold Classic

Find out where Arnold Schwarzenegger eats every year after The Arnold Classic

Jack McLaughlin

For nearly the last two decades, Arnold Schwarzenegger has patronized Schmidt’s Sausage Haus at least once a year, sometimes more. While the Terminator star and former California Governor was in Columbus last weekend for The Arnold Classic, he made his annual appearance at the German Village eatery.

“He’s been coming in for at least 18 years,” said Schmidt’s brand ambassador Matt Schmidt. “Whether he’s in town for The Arnold, or in town filming something. We typically get a call about 30 minutes beforehand. It’s his security detail, who we’ve formed a relationship with through the years.”

Schmidt recalled that, while Arnold served as Governor, the eatery would get a call a full day in advance about his plans to stop by, to allow his security team time to give the eatery a once-over for safety.

From left: Schmidt’s brand ambassador Matt Schmidt, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Schmidt’s 4th-generation owner, Andrew Schmidt. Photo courtesy of Matt Schmidt.


“It used to be crazier when he was Governor. They would send bomb-sniffing dogs through the restaurant in the morning,” he said with a laugh.

In fact, the Austria-born Schwarzenegger is such a fixture at Schmidt’s that the long-standing restaurant even has a room dedicated to the actor and politician, known as The Governor’s Room. This is where Arnold is seated every time he stops by Schmidt’s.

Schmidt said Arnold would typically head for the buffet while Schmidt’s offered it, oftentimes “before even getting to his table.” As the eatery’s buffet isn’t currently available, Arnold opted for the veal wienerschnitzel with red cabbage and German potatoes.

“I think it’s super special that he chooses us every time he’s in town,” Schmidt said. “It makes us feel special. It reminds us that we’re doing a great job.”

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