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Making a Splash: Ohio apartment built into former YMCA swimming pool goes viral

Making a Splash: Ohio apartment built into former YMCA swimming pool goes viral


In the heart of the Cincinnati neighborhood of Walnut Hills, The Williams, once home to the W.J. Williams YMCA, is making waves on TikTok with its unconventional apartment designs. Among its 29 units, the standout features are two apartments cleverly crafted inside a repurposed swimming pool.

Managed by City Center Properties, these transformed spaces now boast a cozy living area and kitchen, complete with a loft bedroom—all nestled within the pool’s former bounds, complete with a whimsical walking rail-turned-decorative feature.

A TikTok video by @vidswlyds has lit up the platform, showcasing this one-of-a-kind living arrangement with over 1.3 million views and 165,000 likes.


In her video, she contemplates the apartment’s charm, saying, “I can’t decide if this is the coolest thing ever or just really weird. Imagine having guests over and them asking, ‘Wait, you live in a pool?’ I mean, why is that so intriguing?”

But that’s not all! The Williams also features apartments converted from an old basketball court, adding to its charm as a hotspot for urban creativity and historic preservation. Recognized on the National Register of Historic Places and as a local landmark in Cincinnati since 2016, the Williams continues to wow with its blend of vintage allure and modern living.

We don’t know about you, but we’re kind of obsessed with this innovative twist on urban living.

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