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Nearby city sends message to ‘extraterrestrial travelers,’ encourages them to visit

Nearby city sends message to ‘extraterrestrial travelers,’ encourages them to visit

Jack McLaughlin

While Lexington, Kentucky is a popular weekend and day trip destination for many in central Ohio, if the city’s unique new marketing strategy is effective, it will also host visitors from a whole lot further away.

According to the Lexington Visitors Bureau, which is also referred to as VisitLEX, the organization has sent an intergalactic message to “interstellar travelers” encouraging them to visit Lexington.

“Recent UFO revelations and advances in deep space imaging have fueled the belief that we humans are not alone in the universe,” the Visitors Bureau’s website reads. “So VisitLEX and a team of Lexington scientists and scholars used an infrared laser to beam a coded invitation toward potential extraterrestrial travelers in the TRAPPIST-1 solar system 40 light years away. The message was sent from the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky.”

Photo via VisitLEX’s website


There’s a catch, though: it just might take a while to reach its destination.

According to VisitLEX, the message–which the organization calls the “world’s first interstellar tourism campaign,” will take more than 38 more years to reach its destination. And in case you’re wondering, VisitLEX added that “So far, no unusual activity has been reported in the skies above Lexington.”

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