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22 year old Clintonville store abruptly closed

22 year old Clintonville store abruptly closed

Sav McKee

The windows are already covered, the employees are gone, and the phone lines are dead at this beloved resale store in Clintonville that’s been around for over two decades.

Rag-O-Rama, located at 3301 N. High St., abruptly closed their doors this past weekend with no announcement to the public, and according to an employee, no announcement to the employees, either. “We were told that we were going to flip the store and make the men’s side the larger. They had us boxing up inventory in order for that to happen,” an employee told 614Now. 

The employee continued, “Saturday or Sunday, the schedule wasn’t out and everyone was getting weirded out. We were told to talk to Vance [the owner] on Sunday, but he never showed. So everyone went into the new year not knowing what was happening.”


This employee then went on to say that employees saw the windows being covered at Rag-O-Rama, and that they had to discover the store was closing via that, plus the internet. “No one was informed or warned or told anything,” the employee told us.

This popular resale shop allowed people to trade in their clothes for cash or store credit, and then the clothes would then be sold on the floor. It was considered an eco-friendly, circular shopping staple in the Clintonville community. 

Many Columbus Redditors expressed concern that their in-store credit can now no longer be used considering there was no announcement of their closure, and Rag-O-Rama’s phones are no longer working, so it’s difficult to get ahold of the owners, who could not be reached for comment.

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