OSU commencement speaker suggests he wrote speech on psychedelic drug

Jack McLaughlin

After entrepreneur Chris Pan delivered his speech at Ohio State University’s spring commencement, some students and guests in attendance didn’t quite know what to make of the discourse.

We may now have some insight as to why that is.

According to a LinkedIn post from Pan, he likely wrote the speech under the influence of ayahuasca.


“Got some help from AI (Ayahuasca Intelligence) this week to write my commencement speech for 60k grads and family members at Ohio State University next Sunday,” the LinkedIn post reads. “We are in challenging times – wanted something extra heartfelt. (Tried chatGPT but wasn’t that good.”

Traditionally prepared in South America but surging in popularity across the globe as an alternative treatment for ailments and an enlightenment tool, ayahuasca is a brew of Amazonian plants, one of which contains the powerful psychedelic DMT.

Comments on Pan’s LinkedIn post were mixed, but many echoed the sentiment of multiple threads on the Columbus subreddit. One LinkedIn user wrote, “You should be ashamed of that speech. I know you won’t but you should be,” and another said, “The OSU commencement speech was a bitcoin and bracelet ad. You should have done better.”

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