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Sex and the Capital City? Data shows Columbus is number one city for adultery

Sex and the Capital City? Data shows Columbus is number one city for adultery

Sav McKee

Remember that Ashley Madison scandal? For those who aren’t up to date, or haven’t watched the documentary yet, back in 2015, a group of hackers released data from the adultery website called Ashley Madison. The data breach was posted on the dark web, including account details and log-ins for 32 million married users who were seeking partners for affairs. 

Well now, Ashley Madison itself has released some data, revealing the top 20 American cities for adulterous behavior and sign-ups.

Oh, and Columbus is at the very top of the list this year, dethroning Miami as the hotbed of adultery.

Paul Keable, chief strategist for Paul Keable told Fox News Digital that Columbus coming in at the #1 spot is, “fascinating because they weren’t even in the top 20 of our list last year.”


This very controversial dating service, which touts the slogan, “Life is short. Have an affair,” revealed that Cincinnati and Cleveland are also on this list, coming in at no. 7 and no. 13.

“Clearly, something is going on in Ohio because, in fact, there are two other cities in the top 20 from Ohio,” said Keable. “Something is going on in the Midwest.

It’s important to note that when analyzing pure numbers, cities like LA and New York are going to be at the top of the lists. But when you analyze the numbers against the size of the actual population, Columbus is at the very top.

Here’s the complete list:

  1. Columbus, Ohio
  2. Miami, Florida,
  3. Orlando, Florida
  4. Las Vegas, Nevada
  5. Atlanta, Georgia
  6. Richmond, Virginia
  7. Cincinnati, Ohio
  8. Minneapolis & Saint Paul, Minnesota
  9. Tampa, Florida
  10. Buffalo, New York
  11. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  12. Spokane, Washington
  13. Cleveland, Ohio
  14. Denver, Colorado
  15. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  16. Tucson, Arizona
  17. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  18. Austin, Texas
  19. Boise, Idaho
  20. Wichita, Kansas

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