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Columbus Small Business Revolutionizes Pet Love: Turning Pet Photos into Stylish Apparel and Home Decor

Columbus Small Business Revolutionizes Pet Love: Turning Pet Photos into Stylish Apparel and Home Decor

Jack McLaughlin

Devoted pet parents often have to choose between functionality and design when shopping for anything pet related. This is where Jonni Perkins, a former textile designer turned innovative entrepreneur, found her inspiration. Like many, Jonni cherishes her three dogs as family, not just pets. When decorating her new home, she wanted to honor her girls without sacrificing her personal style.

Faced with the less-than-obliging nature of her three dogs, getting them to sit still for the camera together posed quite a challenge. This marked the serendipitous beginning of Perkie Prints. It emerged as a creative solution for the elusive “perfect pet photo”, transforming everyday cell phone photos into personalized apparel, home decor, and sentimental pieces.

“Everyone has 100,000 photos of their pets, but they have a weird uncle or something in the background, so you’re not going to use them in any real way,” Perkins said. “We remove the background and digitally enhance your pet to make them the star of the show.”

She noted their Pocket Tees–which depict your pet playfully popping out of the breast pocket on a white t-shirt–is one of Perkie Prints’ most popular items. The process for ordering is simple; head to, upload a photo of your pet, and choose from a variety of high-quality products. Jonni assures that the team is there to guide you through photo selection after checkout if you want support on choosing the best picture. “A job that involves helping fellow pet lovers sort through adorable photos of their pets while sharing stories is truly a dream come true,” Perkins says.

A few short months after opening–and following a social media endorsement from a former Bachelorette contestant–the business grew by word of mouth from a one-off hobby, to a passion project, to a fully-fledged business and a full-time job, and Perkins was all in.

Shortly after its inception, Perkie Prints expanded from Perkins’ attic, to her closet, then into a spare bedroom in her house and then finally her kitchen, before the company settled into the Brewery District office it calls home today. At first an operation of one, the company has now grown to a total of 13, each of whom is as pet-obsessed as the last.

Jonni perfectly sums up the ethos: “We’re here not just because we love pets, but because we understand people’s profound connection with their animals and how that bond creates a community who all speak the same language of pet love. Together, we give back to help animals in need as a portion of every purchase goes back to our charity partners. Our pets are our family, and we’re not shy about that. We’re here to help you express that pride and love in the most beautiful, stylish way possible.”

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