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Dublin Arts Council creates new public art tour

Dublin Arts Council creates new public art tour

Jack McLaughlin

Since 1988, Dublin has served as a hotspot for public art, with the city’s Art in Public Places program helping to create more than 60 different public pieces since its launch.

And this year, the Dublin Arts Council will be celebrating its own 40th anniversary by leaning into public art programs and experiences throughout the city.

Todd Slaughter’s Watch House
Todd Slaughter’s Watch House
Todd Slaughter’s Watch House

Taking place this summer and fall, a new cultural initiative called “Reimagining Art” aims to spread awareness and enjoyment of public art throughout Dublin.

Working alongside Visit Dublin Ohio, the Dublin Arts Council has created a public art tour through Dublin’s green spaces. Every time an artwork is visited, viewers are able to earn points, which can be used to win an exclusive set of public art stickers by artist Bryan Moss. Known as the Art in Public Pass, the new project will launch in May.

Additionally, a series of one-day talks held at public artworks (and aimed at teaching others about each piece), will begin this summer. The first one will take place at Watch House and Circle Mound in Coffman Park on June 27.

The public art series will also create a two-week program for high school students held the second week of July. Known as the Public Art Incubator, artist Todd Smith will guide students through on-site visits and even the creation of their own temporary public art to learn for themselves the nuances of the craft.

Students have until May 15 to apply for the incubator.

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