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New spa offering highly coveted ‘scalp facials’ opening in historic German Village mansion

New spa offering highly coveted ‘scalp facials’ opening in historic German Village mansion

Sav McKee

You’ve heard of, and probably experienced, facials for your face, and most recently,  back facials have made their debut in Columbus. But have you ever considered indulging in a facial for your scalp?

If not, we highly encourage you to do so, and we know just the spot to get one of these highly coveted scalp treatments.

Village Root Head Spa is opening a stunning new location in a charming 1800s German Village mansion, at 1007 S. High St. The owners, Samantha Veit and Sami Butcher, may be experts in haircuts, but they’re certainly not taking any shortcuts.

“We don’t do anything unless we’re doing it full out,” emphasized Veit. “We want to do it all.” And they are. A scalp facial at Village Root Head Spa offers a bespoke 60-120 minute treatment, starting with a scalp analysis using a dermascope for an enhanced view of the scalp. The facial includes a scalp scrub and luxury massage for dandruff removal, plus oiling and red light therapy for healing. “Really, it’s an entire tool kit based on relaxation and the health of the hair,” Veit noted.

Guests are pampered from the moment they arrive with silk robes, plush slippers, tea service, and a full shiatsu bed. “It’s curated from the moment you walk in,” Veit explained.

This unique service, combined with a luxurious spa experience, is exclusive to Village Root Head Spa. Both Sami and Samantha prioritize self-care and well-being. “Oftentimes, we’re just trying to get through the day and checking off the boxes,” explained Veit. “To allow someone to take you on a journey of relaxation where the only goal is to just feel good…well, being able to provide that to other people is such a gift, and we’re looking forward to offering this.”

But their services aren’t solely about self-care. Scalp health has its own benefits, including stimulating new hair growth by unclogging follicles and removing dandruff and excess oil. Healing the scalp is meticulous work, but Village Root Head Spa employs modern technology to rejuvenate every inch of your scalp. Since starting her own scalp facials, Butcher said her oily scalp and dandruff have improved.

Photo courtesy of Village Root Head Spa

This space is for everyone. “Inclusive and safe spaces are important to us,” said Butcher. “We’re queer owned, woman owned, and disabled veteran owned. We have measures in place to make sure everyone is able to take advantage of our experience.”

Speaking of spaces, the renovated German Village mansion actually features three distinct floors, each offering different services and experiences. The first floor houses Village Root Head Spa along with a haircut & color studio. On the second floor, independent stylists, extension specialists, massage therapists, estheticians, and tattoo artists will all have studios. The third floor loft will be dedicated to events, with a rentable photo studio and a bridal suite. Future plans include hosting sound baths, yoga classes, and community-building events.

We weren’t joking earlier when we said this service is highly coveted. The demand for this exclusive service is already high, with a three weeks long waitlist even before the official opening on July 11. Due to the customizable nature of their services, walk-ins are not accepted. To secure your own unparalleled experience, sign up to be added to the waitlist here!

To learn more about Village Root Head Spa, please check out their website.


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