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Ohio Against the World releases ‘Yearbook’ featuring local creatives; free jersey giveaway to celebrate

Ohio Against the World releases ‘Yearbook’ featuring local creatives; free jersey giveaway to celebrate

Sav McKee

When Floyd Johnson picked up a plain ol’ t-shirt from Walmart and printed the words “Ohio Against the World” on the front of it all in his basement, little did he anticipate its meteoric rise. Everyone who’s anyone understandably wanted one too. 

What began as a DIY passion project in 2013 quickly blossomed into a cultural sensation, and now, a decade later, thanks to the help of Johnson’s friends Reese Whitaker and Senay Semere, the Ohio Against the World brand has propelled to even grace the pages of Sports Illustrated. (Oh, and our magazine, too! Check out their feature in our June Issue).

Beyond just fashion and cool t-shirts to wear on game days, Ohio Against the World (OATW) is really a celebration of Ohio pride and community. Notably, one of their new missions is bringing together the top innovators in Columbus, creating a community aspect where change makers collaborate to elevate our city to new heights.

Recently, OATW reintroduced their coveted “Yearbook,” spotlighting Columbus’ Class of ‘24 luminaries. Icons like Jeni Britton Bauer of Jeni’s Ice Cream sport their signature OATW jersey, alongside Parable co-founder Ben Willis and even local celebrity stylist Mattey Spicer. This revival pays homage to OATW’s inaugural yearbook, marking a decade of style and most importantly, community spirit.

Check out the full yearbook here!

Yearbook Class of ’24; check out the rest at the above link! Photos by Joshua Dailey (@jawnsh)

“We’re bringing the city together, even in a simple way like contacting a bunch of established people around the city and posing together like they would in a yearbook,” explained Reese Whitaker.

For those eager to snag their own Ohio Against the World jersey, fortune favors the bold. Ransom Supply, located at 988 N. High St. in the Short North, regularly hosts OATW pop-ups during home games, unveiling exclusive designs onsite, and sometimes, even free giveaways. If you’re around this Saturday, June 29, from 2-8 p.m. (or until supplies last), don’t miss the chance to personalize your own OATW jersey at Ransom Supply, complete with your lucky number printed on it, plus an opportunity to have your own yearbook photo taken. Get there early! Costumers will receive free customizable items until supplies last.

OATW Signature Jerseys; Photos by Joshua Dailey (@jawnsh)

(614) has also teamed up with Ohio Against the World for an exciting jersey giveaway! Three lucky winners will each score their own unisex OATW jersey, with their own choice of red, black, or white. You can enter here!

Win your own free jersey at the link above! Photos by Joshua Dailey (@jawnsh)

Giving away free goods is nothing new for the OATW team. In fact, when Reese first started freelance designing years ago, part of his own mission was giving away his merchandise – a concept called “Free Lunch.” Of course, this created a massive hype around these exclusive t-shirts. Everyone wanted an “Ohio Against the World” shirt, and Reese eventually started teaming up with Ransom Supply for free giveaways every OSU home game, and then eventually, with long lines wrapped around the store, he started selling official merchandise there, too.

If you can’t make it for a Saturday pop-up, or you’re unable to enter the giveaway, you can still be part of the Ohio Against the World crew by ordering some merch online.


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