#Sports: WiFi plans in the Shoe, sold-out stadium


All the selfies taken in the Shoe have to be latergrammed, because the WiFi and cell phone reception in the stadium are less than ideal (and that’s putting it nicely). But for the first time since Urban Meyer donned scarlet and grey, the stadium has sold outeven the student section with additional seats. With the successful season and National Championship talk, the Buckeyes have managed to fill the stadiumsomething many schools (SEC included) haven’t been able to do because of competition with bars, sticky frat houses and the comfort of the beloved La-Z-Boy. People want the luxury of seeing every angle and the sweat coming off Braxton Miller’s face along with tweeting to the world their probably not so insightful thoughts on the game (e.g. Go Bucks!). Ohio State is looking into making that a possibility, and WiFi could be coming to the stadium.

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