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The field runner could keep his scholarship

The field runner could keep his scholarship

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The rogue fan who has gained infamy via the Internet when he ran across Ohio Stadium and was tackled by assistant strength coach Anthony Schlegel, might not lose his full-ride scholarship after all. Anthony Wunder is an Evans Scholar which means he gained the scholarship through a program for golf caddies. The program has asked him to leave the house and have suspended him from activities, but thus far, his scholarship has remained. “We’re doing an internal review and gathering as much information as we can before we make a final determination on his scholarship,” Jeff Harrison, senior vice president for education at the Evans Scholar Foundation said Thursday, according to the Dispatch.

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Previously October 1, 2014
OSU field runner’s full-ride scholarship snatched

Anthony Wunder is a mechanical engineering student at Ohio State and an Evans Scholar. The latter is no more. Since his incident running across the field and getting tackled by Anthony Schlegel (which went viral) his full-ride scholarship has been taken, and his attorney said the student is no longer in the scholar house either. “He’s working and focusing on day-to-day stuff and letting me handle this (legal) stuff,” his lawyer Mark Collins said. The student hasn’t yet given up on his scholarship and he and Collins are preparing to find a way to keep that scholarship in the future, the Dispatch reported.

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Previously September 30, 2014
Student tackled at game pleads not guilty

The Ohio State student that ran onto the field and subsequently tackled by assistant strength coach Anthony Schlegel, has put in a not guilty plea for criminal trespassing. Anthony Wunder, 21, was caught on video running across the field during the Ohio State-Cincinnati game Saturday and his attorney has asked for a jury trial. The charge is a fourth-degree misdemeanor, and at the maximum could land Wunder up to 30 days in jail and a $250 fine.

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Previously September 29, 2014
Urban gives Schlegel’s tackle ‘Hit City Award’4902062_G

UPDATE: At Monday’s weekly press conference, Urban Meyer addressed Anthony Schlegel’s tackle when a reportedly drunk fan ran onto the field. “I’d rather him not have a lawsuit if something bad would happen when you drill a guy like that,” said Meyer, according to 10TV. He also said that he and the team gave him the “Hit City Award,” and enjoyed the Internet memes that immediately followed.

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While yes, the Buckeyes beat Cincinnati, what could have been the most entertaining play of the game had nothing to do with the players. A fan apparently ran out onto the field during the game, and was met by a coach who did not take kindly to having his game interrupted. Anthony Schlegel, the assistant strength coach at Ohio State, apprehended the running fan…really he slammed the kid straight into the grass at Ohio Stadium. Note that Schlegel isn’t just a coach, he was a former NFL linebacker who probably knows a thing or two about tackling someone, let alone a rogue fan who thinks it’s a good idea to run onto the field.

10TV has identified the fan as Anthony James Wunder, a mechanical engineering student at Ohio State who has since been charged with criminal trespassing. Wunder probably learned his lesson though the moment he was hit by Schlegel. He is out of jail on bond and it set to appear in court Tuesday. It could have been worse, it could have been last year and Mike Vrabel too.

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