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Dine at Alana’s Before They’re Gone

Dine at Alana’s Before They’re Gone

614now Staff

One of Columbus’s favorite chefs and most popular restaurants is saying goodbye for good. After 18 years, Alana Shock and Kevin Bertschi have officially listed their restaurant for sale and are planning to relocate to Sandusky.

Many people often experience a career change, often multiple times throughout their life, and that’s exactly what Shock attributes as the primary factor in closing the restaurant.

She and Bertschi have signed a lease for a wine shop in Sandusky, and Shock also has a job offer in Belize, so maybe a new international Alana’s location could in the future. I always wanted another reason to go to Belize.

Alana’s will be throwing one last benefit before they leave, she and her staff will host CBE listeners with hors d’oeuvres, plus live jazz. A cash bar will available and proceeds from the event go towards WCBE.

You can support your favorite chef and station this September 13 from 5-8 pm. Admission is $25. 



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