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Parents, how much can you Juggle? New baby-sitting app

Parents, how much can you Juggle? New baby-sitting app

614now Staff

It’s the app parents always needed but never had. Now that the world relies on peer reviews and star ratings, four Ohio moms have gone full circle and created an app that is basically the Uber of babysitting.

Juggle was created with the purpose of helping busy parents and professionals find balance in their life, but without cutting corners by taking risks from unknown babysitters, pet sitters, and other service jobs.

Once you download the app, it builds your network of available babysitters, tutors, pet sitters, and more based on your social media and what your friends have used and reviewed. Then it finds people close to you that are available and recommends them to you.

The app makers build their workforce database by interviewing college students that are reliable, need a job, and have a flexible schedule.

The neat thing about this app is that it builds trust into its very function. You would ask your friends about a trusted babysitter or pet sitter, but this app just asks them for you, and has the information at your finger tips within an instant.

Not only is this app great for parents and busy professionals, it’s also great for college students. They’ll work with a student’s schedule so that the workers themselves can get the most out of the app.

“We are moms with young children and pets, who were looking for better options for childcare and pet care than what was available,” said Emily Coleman, one of the makers of the app.

In this millennial age where our lives are strung about in every direction, an app that makes sitting this easy and trustworthy sounds like a win.

You can find more information on the Juggle website and follow these hip and groovy moms on their Facebook . The app has been downloaded to the Apple App Store, and is currently in the process of approval. 


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