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Heather Campbell’s mother said boyfriend “drank a lot”

Heather Campbell’s mother said boyfriend “drank a lot”

614now Staff

It’s been four days since Heather Campbell was found dead in her apartment. As time passes, more and more information has come out about the gruesome incident and her boyfriend, the suspected killer who also died that night.

According tot 10tv, here is some more information about Campbell and Kyle Lafferty:

  • The couple met when Campbell enlisted in the US Navy last July
  • Campbell’s mother said the couple seemed happy, citing their photographs together
  • Campbell was honorably discharged in May and that’s when the couple moved in together at the Taylor House on Olentangy River Road
  • Campbell’s mother said Lafferty drank a lot though Campbell never really had much interest in joining in
  • Family members say the couple went out together the night of the shooting
  • Campbell’s cousin, who she was very close with, went into labor the night she was murdered
  • The cousin tried calling Campbell but her phone was off, which the cousin said was odd
  • The cousin named her baby after Campbell

A memorial service will be held for Heather at 7 p.m. Saturday at Grace Church in Middleburg.


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