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Drive up and get down: Drive-in concerts come to Columbus

Drive up and get down: Drive-in concerts come to Columbus

Nicholas Youngblood

The live music industry is putting the pedal to the metal with concerts at drive-in theaters across the country. Now national acts are finally making their way back to Columbus.

Prime Social Group rolled out their first full weekend of drive-in concerts Sept. 17-19 at the Drive-In at Westland Mall after a soft open with local favorites Mojoflo and The Floorwalkers earlier this month. PSG co-founder Zach Ruben said he is excited to be bringing some normalcy back into music fans’ lives.

“There’s no replacing a live event. A livestream does not replace a live event,” Ruben said. “When you’ve been deprived of that product for so long, and it’s not really a product, it’s a culture and it’s a way of life, and so many people need that outlet.”


Ruben is optimistic about the new model so far. He said some artists are excited at the opportunity to get back on stage, even if it’s in front of a sea of cars instead of a swarm of sweaty people. Upcoming national acts include dubstep producer Peekaboo and singer-songwriter Quinn XCII.

In addition to the obvious appeal of getting out of the house for the first time since March, concertgoers can expect a few other advantages. Ruben said each car receives a 15-by-20-foot parking space, giving guests privacy and comfort they wouldn’t have in a tight crowd of strangers. Concessions and merch are provided via an online order system with notifications when the order is ready, meaning no more waiting in an enormous line for a snack or a t-shirt. Guests can even exit their car to dance in their parking spot or bring lawn chairs and sit outside, as long as they don a mask.

“All the attendees that have come out to the event are just thrilled that there is that fix of live performance, live music,” Ruben said.

Each ticket covers a car of four passengers, with options for VIP and front-row sections at higher rates. An additional fifth and sixth passenger can be added at a set rate. A full list of upcoming acts and prices can be found on Prime Social Group’s Eventbrite page here. More information about COVID-19 health and safety guidelines and a guest FAQ are included in the event listings.


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