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“Best dive bar” in Ohio is here in Columbus

“Best dive bar” in Ohio is here in Columbus

Regina Fox

Why not name Dick’s Den Ohio’s best dive bar? That must’ve been what MSN was thinking when they bestowed the great honor upon High Street’s iconic hole-in-the-wall.

For over half a century, Dick’s Den has been slingin’ Stroh’s and poppin’ PBRs in the perfect no-nonsense atmosphere. You won’t find any taps, but you will find a pool table in the back, townies who will tell you a tale or two about what High Street used to look like, and jazz, blues, and bluegrass performers just about every night of the week.


There’s no flashy marketing (in fact, the bar’s website is half defunct), no smoking cocktails, and no need to dress to impress.

“There aren’t many frills to this bar, but that’s just how we like our dives,” wrote MSN.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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