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Level up to winter warrior status with glow tubing

Level up to winter warrior status with glow tubing

Sarah Sole

Snow can look pretty magical at night, but add some colorful, flashing LED lights, and you have something different on your hands. 

This is the seventh season Snow Trails, 3100 Possum Run Rd. in Mansfield, has offered Glow Tubing, and it’s become so popular that scoring tickets can be somewhat of a challenge. 

Nate Wolleson, marketing manager with Snow Trails, said the season typically lasts into mid-March based on weather and traffic. 

“As long as we have the snow and the interest, we’ll keep it going,” he said. 


LED lights are strung across the tubing park lanes, about 10 feet over guests’ heads, Wolleson said. Additional lights on the hills illuminate the snow with bright colors. 

“It really is pretty neat,” Wolleson said. 

The event starts at twilight every Thursday through Sunday and draws people from outside Ohio, Wolleson said. Thousands of people visit the Snow Trails website each Monday to book tickets for two weeks in advance. 

The upcoming reservation timeline includes:

11 a.m. Monday, Feb. 22, tickets go on sale for March 4-7.

11 a.m. Monday, March 1, tickets go on sale for March 11-14.

Wolleson said he recommends creating an account on the Snow Trails site ahead of the 11 a.m. Monday booking to save time. 

“It’s wildly popular,” he said. 

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