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From zip-lines to boozy corn mazes, these local pumpkin patches offer way more than just U-pick

From zip-lines to boozy corn mazes, these local pumpkin patches offer way more than just U-pick

Jack McLaughlin

While picking your own pumpkin is a staple of the fall that we all look forward to, pumpkin patches, and the family farms that generally host them, have also become hubs for fall activities of all sorts. This includes zip-lines, corn mazes, and even extensive obstacle courses or haunted houses.

So button up that flannel, because we’ve plucked a handful of our favorite local spots fresh off the vine for you, Columbus.


Pigeon Roost

Not only does Pigeon Roost Farm in Hebron, Ohio boast a huge selection of pumpkins, gourds, and winter squash to pick from (they say half the fun is in the search for your pumpkin, after all), the farm is also home to what’s known as the Great Pumpkin Fun Center, which contains enchanted forest, spooky obstacle course, and much more.

Leeds Farm

Zip lines, enormous boxes filled with corn kernels (for making “corn angels”, if you didn’t already know), and even a massive pumpkin “jump” that puts any trampoline to shame are only a small portion of the fun, festive activities Leeds Farm offers. Located in Ostrander, Ohio, Leeds—which also offers pumpkin picking, of course—is as much a pumpkin patch as it is a harvest-themed amusement park.

Dupler’s Pumpkin Land

We’re pretty sure you can’t go wrong visiting anyplace with Pumpkin Land in its name. Dupler’s manages to live up to this title as well, though. This family farm and offers thousands of options for local buyers every year, from pie pumpkins to the perfect specimen for carving. For a $5 fee, you can also check out their wacky web, catch a wagon ride, or get lost in the mystery maze.

Van Buren Acres

Van Buren Acres is home to fall events like the Wine Craze Corn Maze and a massive sunflower field, both worth checking out in their own right. But they definitely don’t let pumpkins get lost in the other activities they offer. Visitors are actually able to visit Van Buren’s impressive pumpkin patch without paying its farm entrance fee if they’re only there to U-pick. Did we mention the cider slushies?

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