This frightening “A Christmas Story”-themed escape room is a weird, wonderful way to mix up your Halloween

Jack McLaughlin

For one month only, Columbus will be home to quite possibly the most unique Halloween escape room we’ve ever seen.

And we triple dog dare you to try it.

While the formal event title—Ralphie’s Nightmare Before a Christmas Story Escape Room—is a bit of a mouthful, here’s all you need to know: It’s an escape room themed after the iconic holiday movie “A Christmas Story” that still packs enough scares for Halloween.


“Ralphie’s nightmares have come to haunt him! Are you brave enough to help him escape and get ready for Halloween,” the event’s website reads.

Located at 1235 Polaris Pkwy, this brand-new event from Team Escape Rooms (they also offer a non-Halloween version called A Christmas Story Escape Room) will run until Nov. 7.

Combining legitimate fright mixed with a quirky sense of humor, the new Polaris-based event promises both fear and fun for the whole group.

And of course, the attraction includes more than its fair share of “A Christmas Story” inclusions, incorporating scenes and sound clips from the movie, and even props like the famed Red Rider rifle, a turkey, and Ralphie’s bubblegum-pink pajamas (complete with bunny rabbit slippers) that one lucky member of each group is tasked with wearing during the escape room.

The event requires a group of four, and costs $25-$35 per person, depending on the time and day of the week you chose to escape. You can purchase tickets here.

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