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This real-life scavenger hunt has come to Columbus

This real-life scavenger hunt has come to Columbus

Jack McLaughlin

If you thought scavenger hunts were reserved just for childhood birthday parties, think again.

After a 2019 appearance on the hit TV show Shark Tank, the fast-growing service Adventure Hunt is coming to Columbus, sending participants on engaging romps around the city on the hunt for clues.


Or should we say, it’s available in Columbus whenever you want it to be.

That’s because, unlike other similar services, Adventure Hunt has no predetermined start or end date; it can be completed whenever you want and at your own convenience.

You can register for your own scavenger hunt here for $10 per person. Each team contains 2-4 participants, making the service ideally suited for team-building activities, mixing up date night, or for a fun day out with friends.

Using the Adventure Hunt app, you and team members will be taken to the fun, historical, and just downright interesting parts of Columbus to find clues and complete the scavenger hunt. With events that are both hilarious and exhilarating, you’ll be tasked to complete a set of challenges while you learn more about your city.

What’s more, Adventure Hunt events represent one of the more COVID-friendly ways to meaningfully socialize during a pandemic. Held outdoors, it allows team members to remain socially distanced, and clues are set up at a minimum spacing of six feet apart to maintain participant safety. 

And once you do finish your Adventure Hunt, you’ll be automatically entered into the company’s Finishers Raffle where you’ll have a chance to win a free vacation to Panama.

That’s a decent consolation prize if you ask us.

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