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Birthday girl embarks upon 10-day taco mission

Birthday girl embarks upon 10-day taco mission

Sarah Sole

What’s your favorite way to celebrate your birthday?

If you’re Amy Mehan, you treat yourself to 10 glorious days of tacos.

Mehan, who turns 43 on April 21, is using some time off work to find the best tacos the Columbus area has to offer.

“I hate a Wednesday birthday, and I had a bunch of carry-over vacation that was about to expire, so I figured I’d take the whole week off,” she said.


Just a few days before she started her vacation, Mehan joked with her husband that the stay-at-home vacation would be 10 days of straight tacos.

“It wasn’t until Saturday when I started to think of actually doing it,” she said.

So far, Mehan has visited La Poblanita, Los Agavez, and Los Guachos. She’s also done some research to help fill in the remaining days of her taco tour, Googling “best fish tacos” and asking for suggestions on the Columbus subreddit page.

“I think I can mix it up enough to keep it interesting,” she said.

What do you say, Columbus? Would you do a 10-day taco challenge to ring in your birthday?


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