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Budd Dairy gets our favorite kind of dairy

Budd Dairy gets our favorite kind of dairy

Sarah Sole

Um, Columbus. Have you been to Budd Dairy Food Hall yet? If not, it’s time.

The food hall announced the addition of a new partner and it’s ICE CREAM: Cream & Sugar now has an ice cream cart at 1086 N. 4th St. spot.

Owner Rachel Upton launched the family-owned and operated Cream & Sugar in 2014. The business had its start in a boarded-up Dairy Queen on Sullivant Avenue and has since expanded to include catering and an ice cream truck.


Cream & Sugar’s hand-dipped ice cream comes in unique flavors and even more unique names: There’s Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, Exhausted Parent, and This $&#! Just Got Serious.

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