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Fried lobster meets grilled beef in the massive new Easton Burger

Fried lobster meets grilled beef in the massive new Easton Burger

Jack McLaughlin

As if Black Box Fix, one of the newer additions to Easton Town Center’s lineup of restaurants, didn’t have enough decadent sandwich creations on its loaded menu, the popular Cajun spot is adding another.

And while the eatery has several other locations throughout northeast Ohio, this is one meal you can only get in the (614).

An homage to their first-ever Columbus restaurant—which opened June 1 at 4037 Fenton St.—the Easton Burger was unveiled over the weekend by head chef and owner Eric Rogers.


Coming from a spot that serves up everything from cheesesteaks with shrimp to OMG Stoner Fries (topped with chicken, shrimp, onions, peppers, scallions and Cajun cheese sauce), you’d expect a new signature burger to be a bit on the wild side, and Black Box Fix did not disappoint with their latest offering.

The new sandwich features cajun lemon-pepper grilled beef topped with cheddar cheese, grilled onions, crab kale slaw, herbed mayo, pickles and—get ready for it—a generous piece of crispy and succulent fried lobster.

“The response has been great, with people saying it was one of the best burgers they’ve had in [their] life,” Rogers said. “Others have said they couldn’t believe the size and how everything tastes great together.”

And if you do head to Black Box Fix but don’t see this towering new sandwich on the menu proper, don’t panic. According to Rogers, while the Easton Burger was featured as a special item on both Saturday and Sunday, it can still be made if requested at Black Box Fix in Easton.

The massive burger burger, which is also served with fries, can be yours for $20. Just don’t try to eat it all at once.

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