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Gallicchio’s Perfect Pies, a Monthly Review: Paulie Gee’s

Gallicchio’s Perfect Pies, a Monthly Review: Paulie Gee’s


Born and raised in Columbus, Mike Gallicchio is first and foremost an entrepreneur. You might be familiar with some of his work. He’s owner of the Columbus Food Truck Festival, Columbus Wine Festival, and Columbus Fiery Foods Festival, as well as a food truck fabrication company, Titan Trucks. His father (Pops) is the real pizza connoisseur of Columbus—He owned several Domino’s Pizza franchises. Once he was old enough, though, Gallicchio spent many a night makin’ pies and traveling from store to store proofing dough and slapping sauce. While he’s since eked out a living in a different part of Columbus’ cuisine scene, Gallicchio’s love for all things pizza has remained, and searching out perfect pies is something he’s passionate about. Every month, you can count on Gallicchio to share one of his favorite pizza places. Will it be one of your own favorites, or a new place to try? 


Paulie Gee’s

Pizza for breakfast rating: 2

To say that Paulie Gee’s is popular is an understatement: Just go on any weekend night and you will see for yourself. Paulie Gee’s has a very loyal fan base as well; post something about them on social media and you will find out 🙂 

This loyalty is well earned—Paulie Gee’s is good pizza with many unique menu options. I’m not a huge fan of their regular pizza; I like more cheese and toppings. My heart will always be with traditional Columbus-style pizza, but Paulie Gee’s crust is especially tasty, and the wood-fired oven adds great flavor and a perfect crispness.

I always order their square pizzas; they are the real deal. I personally prefer the Pepperoni Square. The crust is amazing, and I hear the dough comes from the legendary Dan the Baker.

Paulie Gee’s drizzles some of their square pizzas with Mike’s Hot Honey (a word to the wise, Mike’s Hot Honey is good on A LOT of things; mix it with some soy sauce and you will have a fine marinade for grilled salmon).

Being my wife’s favorite pizza on the planet, Paulie Gee’s is often mentioned in the Gallicchio house on pizza Friday nights. Paulie Gee’s is located in the Short North just south of West 5th Avenue, at 1195 North High St.

The dining area is not currently open but take out is full go, and COVID-19 measures are firmly in place. If you want to try one of their famous square pizzas I advise you to call early and order ahead. As an added bonus, Paulie Gee’s offers a fine selection of vegan pizza options and fresh vegetables that are always a winner.


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