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Guess which local food hall was included in a national ranking

Guess which local food hall was included in a national ranking

Sarah Sole

We know Budd Dairy Food Hall is pretty neat, but now it appears the entire country is onto our game.

Fodor’s included the new food hall in the 10 best new food halls across the U.S., ranking Budd Dairy 8th.


Jeremy Hughes, the GM of Budd Dairy Food Hall, said Budd Dairy is honored to be included in the group of outstanding food halls.

“We knew Budd Dairy Food Hall was going to be special when it opened and are thrilled with the support we have received from the central Ohio community as well as the industry,” Hughes said. “The opportunity to support our talented chef partners means a great deal to us, and we look forward to seeing them continue to thrive. This is an honor shared by all of our Cameron Mitchell Restaurants’ associates and chef partners.”

The article lists Budd Dairy as central Ohio’s first food hall (debatable, to say the least), and includes a brief rundown of vendor selections such as Ube Waffle Sticks, Hawaiian poke, Southern gumbo, and fried chicken.

The entire ranking includes:
1. The Oasis, Miami, Florida
2. Assembly Food Hall, Nashville, Tennessee
3. La Cocina Municipal Marketplace, San Francisco, California
4. Delray Beach Market, Delray Beach, Florida
5. Sky Deck, San Diego, California
6. Salt City Market, Syracuse, New York
7. The AMP @ 16 Tech, Indianapolis, Indiana
8. Budd Dairy Hall, Columbus, Ohio
9. S&W Market, Asheville, North Carolina
10. The Garage, Indianapolis, Indiana

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