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Lion Cub’s Cookies eyeing second brick and mortar storefront

Lion Cub’s Cookies eyeing second brick and mortar storefront

Jack McLaughlin

It hasn’t even been six months since Lion Cub’s Cookies—the wildly-popular spot offering enormous, oven-hot cookies—opened its first-ever brick and mortar storefront in Grandview, but owner Bradley Kaplan is already planning a second location.

“We’re further along at Grandview than I thought we’d be by now,” Kaplan said. “We have the right processes in place, the right people in place. Grandview is sustainable, so I can focus on another one now.”

Lion Cub’s hasn’t narrowed down their search to a single area (their broker is looking at several sites currently), and as it’s early in the process, there’s not a timeline in place for the new cookie shop to open, either. Kaplan plans to play the long game to make absolutely sure the new location is the right one.


“We’re really patient with this stuff. We spent several months looking for Grandview, and we had checked out many sites. I found a reason to say ‘no’ to almost every one,” he said. “When it’s your 10th, 11th location, you have more leeway, but you can’t miss on your second location.”

Kaplan also plans to let the space dictate how the new store will look and feel, although he believes it will have a similar atmosphere to the first Lion Cub’s location.

The OSU business school grad, a regular champion for his employees, also believes that the new location will continue to open doors for the people working at Lion Cub’s Cookies with him.

“First and foremost I’m big on creating opportunities for those around me. I want to keep elevating more people,” he said. “And it’s clear the city is willing to support us. All the feedback, all the reviews have been great. Eventually the goal is to expand even further, but right now we’re happy; we’re happy that we can make an impact in Columbus.”

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