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Are these most-viewed burgers also the top-voted burgers?

Are these most-viewed burgers also the top-voted burgers?

614now Staff

This is not a drill.

There are only TWO days remaining in Burger & Beer Week. That is hardly any time left to scarf down delicious $6 and $8 burger creations, and wash them down with cold, refreshing beer specials. However, it’s also the weekend, so now is the time to grab some friends and get out there to support our local restaurants! See all the Burger & Beer menus at

Earlier this week we shared the top ten trending burgers. Now we’re back not only to check in on which burgers have Cbus salivating most, but how they stack up (pun always intended) against the burgers taking the lead in our first-ever “Best Burgers” poll.

First, the most-viewed menus so far this week:

Bru Burger

Still clinging to that number one spot! See the Bourbon Burger details here.

The Pint Room

We can’t say we’re surprised…have you seen what’s on this Smoregous Burger? Details here.

Columbus Brewing Company Taproom

Holding strong in the top three! Check out their Diner Style Cheeseburger here.

High Bank Distillery

How’d we know High Bank would slide their way up in the rankings? See the Barrel Proof Burger details here.

The Rail

Number five, not too shabby! Lake Effect Burger details here.

Bristol Republic

It’s gotta be that melty pimento cheese. See what else is on the Bristol Burger here.


Flip Side Easton

The final burger that kept a spot on the top ten list. Get the Vermont Maple Chedduh details here.


There’s a reason this beautiful mess is called the Grand View. Burger details here.

Round II

Mmmm…fried onions and sweet BBQ sauce. “Round II” Smokehouse Burger details here.


A classic we can all get behind. See the Hadley’s Diner Burger details here.

Now let’s see which burgers are ahead in the polls:

Currently taking the lead for “Best Classic Burger”, but nudged off the most views list is Thurman Cafe’s Cheeseburger Deluxe.

Snagging a spot on the top menus list and as the leader for “Best Signature Spin” is The Rail’s Lake Effect Burger.

Ahead by a hair for “Most Unique Topping” but also in the #7 spot for most viewed menus is the Vermont Maple Chedduh from Flip Side.

And finally, currently winning diners’ hearts in the “Most Creative Burger” category, but not quite making it as a top-viewed menu, is Pat & Gracie’s Graceland’s Chimi Burger.

Make sure you throw your votes to help determine which burgers will come out on top at the end of the event! Major bonus: Each vote you cast is $.50 to Star House!


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