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Popular cookie cloud kitchen sets date for Grandview store opening

Popular cookie cloud kitchen sets date for Grandview store opening

Jack McLaughlin

The wait is finally over. 

After months of preparation, Lion Cub’s Cookies—the scorchingly-popular Columbus cloud kitchen serving up the biggest and freshest cookies you’ve probably ever seen—is opening its first-ever standalone storefront June 25 at 1261 Grandview Ave. 

The new space will initially be open Friday-Sunday only.

Lion Cub’s Cookies is known for their enormous cookies and delicious, indulgent flavors, such as S’mores, Puppy Chow, and Flufferutter. The Grandview Heights cookie-makers also pride themselves on serving nearly everything they bake oven-hot (unless it’s meant to be served chilled), no small feat considering they were previously a delivery-based service.


According to owner Bradley Kaplan, even though the Grandview store will also allow customers to pick up cookies without preordering, they can still expect this same commitment to freshness.

“Actually, they’ll be even warmer,” he said. “We do a lot to make sure they stay warm when they’re delivered, but with delivery you do lose some of that heat. This is going to be a whole new level of freshness.”

Lion Cub’s delivery services are on hold while they prepare the new location to open, but Kaplan said customers will be able to order online for in-store pickup, and delivery in the near future.

Once Kaplan and company resume delivery operations, they plan on offering on-demand cookie delivery in the Columbus area for a several-month trial period. Previously, deliveries were only offered two days a week within each of their delivery zones, and within a specific time range on those days.

And while the move to Grandview and their first-ever brick and mortar storefront brings a host of improvements, Kaplan hopes this is only the beginning of the company’s growth.

“You know, more than anything this really represents the start of what Lion Cub’s can become,” Kaplan said. “To some degree, sure, it’s validation that the first year and a half of this has been successful, but this marks the next step toward growing into something even more special that Columbus can be proud of.”

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