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The Weekender: Not your mama’s pancakes

The Weekender: Not your mama’s pancakes

Alyson Strickler-Vazquez

I am an adamant believer that breakfast is simply dessert in disguise. Pancakes are an every-weekend requirement, and there is nothing better than finding a stack you know you couldn’t whip up at home – at least not easily. These spots are drive-worthy, wait-worthy, and are perfect for impressing out-of-town friends.

Katalina’s owner Kathleen is a modern-day gypsy trotting the globe in search of creative outlets. Whether it is her experience cooking for a European countess or time spent working at a small café near the French Alps, her creative ingenuity and time abroad have inspired one of my favorite breakfast delicacies – pancake balls. Similar to the Danish dish Aebleskiver, these craveable spheres come filled with Nutella, apple butter, or Dulce de Leche. The cornbread texture and no-too-sweet fluffy interiors are beautifully paired with local bourbon barrel-aged Milligan’s syrup and will leave you counting down the days until your next fix.


Insider tip – pair the balls with spicy bacon – it is peppery and sticky sweet with a kick!

Mundy’s Diner located in Springfield is a bit of a hike, but it is one of my favorite hidden breakfast spots, and I couldn’t resist sharing. I found them on a whim and recommend visiting them before venturing into Yellow Springs for a short day trip. Mundy’s offers multiple pancake sizes, and I unknowingly ordered a large, not expecting the hubcap-sized disc that arrived at my table (I couldn’t even finish off one!). The size did not hinder the perfectly golden exterior or balanced sweet buttermilk flavor, only enhanced by the 1950s décor and The Rat Pack tunes.

The Original Pancake House just opened its second central Ohio location at Polaris, making my only big weekend decision which location to visit. Original’s Dutch Baby may take a little extra time to make it to your table, but this non-traditional  pancake is serving up breakfast with flare. This German treat is much lighter than a traditional pancake with crisp, buttery edges and air-filled pockets. Your server arrives with a carrier of whipped butter, lemon, and powdered sugar and magically whips up a buttercream inside the crater-shaped pancake. Big enough to share, but I won’t judge if you keep it all for yourself!

Insider tip – if you truly want to indulge, add the warm apples with cinnamon glaze.

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