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The Weekender: Three places to devour a lobster roll this holiday weekend

The Weekender: Three places to devour a lobster roll this holiday weekend

Alyson Strickler-Vazquez

I love the juxtaposition of a lobster roll. You start with a regal ingredient like lobster and place it on a simple yet effective bun. The chilled lobster lends itself beautifully to the buttery crisp bread, and it all makes sense in the first bite. Columbus has been heating up, so I have been craving a few of my favorite spots for this summer staple.


Coastal Local Seafood can be found at both North Markets, and they quickly piqued my interest offering two distinct styles of lobster rolls. Think of it as choosing your adventure—or get both, I won’t judge. If you’re a purist, try the Connecticut roll made with warm butter-poached lobster. Simply delicious. If you are a tad more adventurous like me, take on the Maine roll made with Coastal Local’s chilled lobster salad mixing in cucumber, celery, and mayo. This herbaceous roll does not disappoint!

Insider tip: I cannot say this enough—GET THE FRIES!

RH Rooftop Restaurant’s lobster roll is the definition of simplicity. Embracing premium ingredients, this lobster roll is elegantly composed of lobster, drawn butter, mayonnaise, and a dash of Old Bay. The true hero here is the perfectly toasted and buttered split-top bun that adds a bit of texture to each delectable bite. If this isn’t enough to tempt you to try out RH, then the unparalleled atmosphere is undeniably another reason to venture to Easton. The glass-enclosed rooftop will transport you with its lush greenery, exaggerated chandeliers, and an ornate fountain that plays a soothing water melody as you enjoy your meal.

Insider tip: You can make reservations through OpenTable.

Barra Tacos & Cocktails is a recent and welcome addition to the Upper Arlington food scene. Conventional choice for a lobster roll, no, but it’s a holiday weekend so let’s have some fun! Barra has successfully turned this coastal favorite into a taco that packs a flavorful punch. The buttered taco shell, filled with lump lobster, romaine, and bacon, finishes with tangy red pepper aioli. With the Lobster Roll taco, Barra has managed to successfully fuse two of everyone’s favorite handhelds.

Columbus is lucky to have MANY options for fresh local seafood, so make sure to get out and enjoy them this holiday weekend!


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