Your Restaurant Week questions answered

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Restaurant Week in Columbus may be a twice-per-year event that’s been going strong for a decade, but we know not everyone is familiar with what the event is all about.

Gather ’round, (614) newbies and those who are out of the food scene loop. Here’s all the info you need to prepare for the next Restaurant Week in Columbus presented by Revolution Mortgage—it kicks off July 26th and runs through the 31st.

“I’ve heard it’s something about discounted meals”

Imagine going into a restaurant and getting an appetizer, an entrée, and a dessert for a wee fraction of the normal cost. BOOM. That’s Restaurant Week. At each participating restaurant you get three courses for just $15, $20, $25, $30, $35, or $40, depending on the place. Even better, within each course there are multiple dishes to choose from.

“So what kind of dishes are these?”

The delicious kind, of course. Sometimes it’s the most popular menu items at that restaurant, and sometimes is entirely new dishes created for the event. Either way, Restaurant Week is when restaurants can really showcase their culinary team’s talents.

“How long do I have to take advantage of this glorious gorging?”

Restaurant Week always lasts from Monday to Saturday, and takes place once in January and once in July. Many restaurants offer their event menu during all open hours, while some opt to serve the specials only during dinner. You can find menu hours on each restaurant’s online menu.

“So…how do I get the menu?”

It varies, but rest assured there are no hoops to jump through! A restaurant may bring out Restaurant Week menus with their regular menus. Or, you may have to ask for it. If you’re ordering online for carryout, you will likely have to call to place the order rather than using a third party site.

There are carryout options? Nice!

Thanks, COVID. Yep, plenty of restaurants offer their menus for dine-in and carryout. Again, this is specified on their online menus.

“You keep talking about these online menus…” is the place to go to find all of the participating restaurant menus. Get ready to spend a lot of time there salivating. Other features of Filters that allow you to search for specific prices or dietary restrictions, a handy map to help find participating restaurants near you, and an opportunity to win FREE dinners.

“I think I’m ready. Any other tips or tricks to make the most of the week?”

Yes. You should start planning now. There are over 150 restaurant locations, but only six days to fulfill your dining adventures.

Restaurants get busy during Restaurant Week, so make reservations if you can.

Don’t assume that a location is offering carryout—make sure you call or look it up first.

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Finally, don’t forget to tip well, as gratuity is not included in the discounted Restaurant Week price.


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