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Another Columbus food truck has been stolen

Another Columbus food truck has been stolen

Jack McLaughlin

The La Pablonita and Caribe Sur food trucks made headlines earlier this month when they were stolen and stripped of parts.

And now, another Columbus food truck has been stolen.

Wingmen’s, a chicken wing truck, was taken in the early hours of Dec. 28, according to a Facebook post from owner Cornelius Hale.


“I woke this morning and found out that our food trailer has been stolen. If you see this food truck please call the authorities or myself,” Hale wrote.

Wingmen’s is often located at 2200 Lockbourne Rd., although it’s unclear where the truck was the night it was stolen.

That same evening, Steven Elshoff, owner of the Winston’s Coffee & Waffles food truck (which is stationed in Clintonville) said that several individuals attempted to steal the SUV used to store many of Winston’s essential items, and possibly even the food truck itself at approximately 3 a.m. 

They were not successful, and it’s unclear whether or not the two incidents are related.

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