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Check out everyone featured in our January Interview Issue

Check out everyone featured in our January Interview Issue

Sarah Sole

The past year wasn’t an easy one, Columbus, but we made it. 

And some of the credit for our perseverance can be owed to fellow residents who made an impact on our city in 2020. 


For our annual Interview issue, we wanted to recognize the people who have made, and continue to make, our city vibrant. Some of them, like nurses, stood on the front lines of the battle with COVID-19, including Dr. Amy Acton, who has moved to the Columbus Foundation to talk about the importance of kindness. We interviewed Dr. Pete Edwards, the doc who saved the Columbus Crew and helped bring the MLS Cup to Columbus. We talked to strong women who are working to create more pathways to success for people of color

We’re sharing their stories with you, Columbus, because their strength and positive attitudes inspire us. So check out what they have to say. We hope some of their sparkling spirit rubs off on all of us. We could use a bit of luck and positivity going into 2021. 

Cheers to the New Year, readers.

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