The best way to dispose of your Halloween pumpkins? Feed them to the pigs

Jack McLaughlin

While nearly every municipality in the greater Columbus area has launched a pumpkin disposal program this year, if you still have any old gourds laying around, there’s one particularly fun way to get rid of them.

And pigs are involved.

Now a yearly tradition, Wooly Pig Farm Brewery lets visitors feed old pumpkins to their curly-haired Mangalitsa pigs. We could tell how much fun this is, but it’s probably better if you take a look for yourself.


Located roughly 70 miles east of Columbus at 23631 Township Rd 16 in Fresno, Wooly Pig Farm Brewery offers top-tier examples of classic German beer  styles, and does so in a full farm setting with 90 acres of land.

The brewery is dog-friendly and family-friendly, although if you’re making the drive with kids, you may want to wait for the weekend, and food trucks are only on-site then.

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