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The 24th annual Ohio Pawpaw Festival begins this weekend

The 24th annual Ohio Pawpaw Festival begins this weekend

Jack McLaughlin

A festival dedicated to the weird, wonderful Ohio-native pawpaw fruit is kicking off this weekend.

The 23rd annual Ohio Pawpaw Festival will be held Sept. 17-19 in Albany, Ohio. Not to be confused with New Albany, the City of Albany is located several miles southwest of Athens.

The festival will feature a full slate of activities, including presentations of paw paw history, plenty of live music and pawpaw-related art, and the opportunity to sample a wide variety of different foods and drinks created using the fruit.


No Pawpaw Festival would be complete without an annual paw paw eating contest as well. And speaking of contests, the event will also host a pawpaw cook-off, where teams attempt to create the year’s tastiest paw-paw dish.

The fruit itself, which typically ripens in the early fall, features a custard-like texture and flavor often described as a combination between that of a banana, mango and even some citrus fruit.

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