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Let it snow: Check out our five favorite sledding spots in the greater Columbus area

Let it snow: Check out our five favorite sledding spots in the greater Columbus area

Jack McLaughlin

Regardless of what anyone says about the cold, sledding season is one of the most magical times of the year. And with several inches of accumulation yesterday, guess what we’re in the thick of right now, Columbus?

While it’s impossible to compile a list of every popular sledding spot in the city, we’ve picked out a handful of the highlights for your next wintertime adventure, either with the kids, with a date, or by yourself. This is a judgment-free space.

So grab that saucer from the garage, and get your best Clark Griswold (from “Christmas Vacation”) impression ready, because here’s a list of our favorite Columbus sledding hills.

Scioto Park

As the park offers both steeper and slower, more gentle hills, it’s perfect for both kids and adults alike. And as a bonus, you can zip down Dublin’s snow-covered hills under the watchful eye of Chief Leatherlips, the stone monument centerpiece of Scioto Park. Check to see if the hill is open here

Glen Echo Park

While you may need to carve out a trail of your own to sled in Glen Echo, this park is an undoubtedly-great spot to hit the snow with some friends. The often-overlooked park is located in a natural ravine in Clintonville, and because of this, it offers plenty of steep, sloping hills to take advantage of.

Highbanks Metro Park

With so many of the city’s Metro Parks offering great sledding experiences, it’s hard to pick out just a few. But with Highbanks–which like Scioto Park offers both a steeper option for thrill-seekers and an easier slope for kids and families–you simply can’t go wrong.

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park

And speaking of Metro Parks, there’s another that can’t be excluded from any respectable list of Columbus-area sledding spots. Located southwest of downtown Columbus, Battelle Darby offers what is likely the steepest–and most intense–sledding hill on our list. This one might not be a great destination if you’re taking the little ones out for an afternoon, but if it’s speed you’re after, you can find it here.

Reservoir Park (Marysville)

While Marysville is a  bit of a hike from downtown Columbus, this unique hill is worth it for those willing to make the trek. Abutting the Marysville Reservoir is a large hill that connects to not only the water, but also Raymond Road where the park is located. The hill makes for great sledding in an interesting environment.

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