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Seventh Son is hosting an “international” rock, paper, scissors tournament this month

Seventh Son is hosting an “international” rock, paper, scissors tournament this month

Jack McLaughlin

Are you ready for ROSHAMBO 2022, Columbus? We sure are.

The event, which will take place on Feb. 20 at Seventh Son’s taproom–located at 1101 N. 4th St.–is billed as an “unauthorized, non-sanctioned, international rock, paper, scissors tournament,” according to a press release from the Columbus brewery.

This means we can finally settle the debate on whether or not skill and strategy factor into rock, paper, scissors.


Registration for ROSHAMBO 2022, which is now live, costs $10, and all the proceeds for the event will benefit Service!, a Columbus-based group dedicated to assisting service industry workers in Central Ohio.

“ROSHAMBO 2022 is a fun, friendly competition meant to bring everyone together as a way to celebrate and support those in the service industry,” said Seventh Son co-owner Collin Castore in a press release. “The decision to donate all of the registration fees to Service! was a no-brainer. The pandemic continues to be incredibly hard on those in hospitality, and we are happy to support an organization who addresses their needs.”

The event, which is hosted by comedian Travis Hoewischer, will feature awards for winners, as well as prizes for best costume and more. 

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