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Firefighters battle blaze at Popular Central Ohio restaurant

Firefighters battle blaze at Popular Central Ohio restaurant

Jack McLaughlin

A fire at Bummie’s  Pub & Grub, a popular Newark eatery known for its burgers, sandwiches and more, has been extinguished after a nearly three hour ordeal.

Last night at approximately 6:30 p.m., the eatery went up in flames, with local fire crews battling the blaze until approximately 9:30, when it was put out.

It is currently unclear what cause the fire.


Bummies is located at 155 N. Cedar St. in Newark.

“I am normally a woman of many words, but tonight I find myself rendered speechless. She is gone,” Christin Malherbe, who owns the eatery alongside husband Tim Malherbe, said in a statement post to Bummie’s Facebook page early this morning. “Taken away without permission. Without regard for who’s lives it would affect; And left with nothing but am aching memory of everything we ever gave to her. Our life. Our dreams. Your memories.”

While the eatery’s Google listing says it is closed, Bummie’s and the Malherbes had not officially addressed the status of the restaurant by the time this story was published.

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