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An R&B-themed burger restaurant is opening downtown next week

An R&B-themed burger restaurant is opening downtown next week

Jack McLaughlin

Mike Onyejekwe, owner of the soon to open downtown eatery Alley Burger, is passionate about Columbus cuisine, and he thinks no food is more indicative of our great city than the hamburger.

That’s why he’s bringing a brand new burger joint to the city.

Alley Burger, located at the rear entrance of 26 N. High St., is holding its official grand opening on March 9.


“The idea is, I want to make sure I give Columbus a place that we can call our own,” Onyejekwe said. “The food, the vibe, the atmosphere, it needs to say ‘This is Columbus culture,’ that’s the goal.”

And while burgers are the main attraction at the new downtown spot, the restaurant won’t just be any old burger joint, either. A key component of Alley Burger, according to Onyejekwe, is music. The eatery will focus on playing R&B classics, while weaving in everything from jazz to blues and easy listening.

“I was a club promoter for years, but I realized eventually that it didn’t fulfill all of my desires,” he said. “The restaurant scene does. Everyone loves food, and it’s special to share that.”

Patrons will be able to enjoy a variety of burgers, such as The Cowboy Burger, an 8-ounce Wagyu patty served with fried jalapeños, onion straws and two different types of cheese. They’ll be able to grab non-burger dishes like their flagship salmon cheesesteak as well.

In addition to great food, Onyejekwe also hopes Alley Burger will allow some to reconsider how they see the city’s cuisine.

“I was tired of people naming the same old places, the same two or three places, when someone asked them what kind of food represents Columbus,” he said. “That’s not Columbus, how could you say ‘Columbus’ and ‘food’ in the same sentence and not say ‘a burger?’

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