Easton introduces new temperature-controlled igloos for dining

Jack McLaughlin

Easton Town Center is leaning into the winter weather, and we’re not mad about it one bit.

The Columbus mall plans to introduce five igloos—referred to as Easton’s EGLOOS—that will allow guests to experience some of the area’s top notch dining in a whole new way.

“The EGLOOS provide an opportunity for guests to have an outdoor, safe dining experience in a magical environment,” said Easton Chief Executive Jen Peterson. “Each EGLOO has an air purifier and a heat source to keep the party cozy and warm on cold winter nights in central Ohio.”


The Easton igloos are thoroughly sanitized after each use.

Currently, three of the five igloos are up and ready for use. Two are serving Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce, and one is tabbed for use at Beeline.

The additional two igloos, which are forthcoming, will serve the steakhouse Smith & Wollensky.

You can reserve your own EGLOO here.

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