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City council voting to end mask mandate next week

City council voting to end mask mandate next week

Jack McLaughlin

After weathering quite the COVID-related storm with the outbreak of the Omicron variant, one of the city’s strict pandemic guidelines could be about to end.

According to a press release, Columbus Public Health has recommended that City Council vote to the current indoor mask mandate on March 7, after The Arnold Classic has finished.

“As we begin to move into a new direction with the COVID-19 pandemic, and numbers continue to decrease in our community, we are able to lift the mask mandate indoors in Columbus,” said Councilmember and chair of the Public Health Committee Shayla Favor in a press release. “I encourage all residents to continue to make smart decisions about their health, get vaccinated, and continue wearing a mask if you’re immunocompromised or have someone at home unable to get vaccinated.” 


Columbus Public Health reviewed the newly-released CDC guidelines to determine that Franklin County is currently a medium-level spread risk, which does not require indoor mask-wearing, according the new guidelines.

Columbus Public Health continues to recommend residents vaccinate themselves against the virus.

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